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For specifics parts or repairs needed on the instruments....
Each instrument received will be assessed to identify the necessary repair work needed for it to be fully functional, unless you are able to explain the exact part/parts needing repair. We don't want to have any misleading cost information available, so would like to assess the instrument prior to providing a quote for repair. Costs for repairs will cover materials and labour. Unless arranged, repair only does not include instrument cleaning; only basic case cleaning and polish.


Minor Service

The minor service involves an assessment of various parts of the instrument and has the quickest turnaround out of the three services. The instrument is given a minor clean and adjustments are made without the instrument being completely disassembled. For example, old oil and slide grease is cleaned and replaced with brass instruments. This service is ideal for players who require their instrument back within 2-4 days and are confident they have maintained the quality of their instrument through regular cleaning. 

General Service

We recommend the general service for every 12-18 months to bring the instrument back to optimum playing condition. For woodwind instruments, this involves cleaning and adjusting the instrument to fix sticky pads or leaks in the keywork, and for brass this involves fixing any faulty valves, rotars or slides that do not run smoothly. This service is ideal for players who may not be confident in the quality of their own cleaning and would feel more comfortable having it done professionally. 

Full Service

The full service is recommended for players whose instruments have been severely damaged or require intensive cleaning. The instrument is completely disassembled, all parts of the instrument are thoroughly cleaned and major adjustments are made. 

Trumpet players in orchestra


We understand the importance of functioning instruments in school band programs. At the very core, working instruments are needed for ongoing lessons, rehearsals and performances. This service is designed for school/community band programs that own and hire their instruments. We can work with you to help maintain your instrument registry and make it work smoothly throughout the year. We can also tailor our services to suit the needs of different schools and community band programs.


What we offer:

  • Bulk school band servicing over winter holiday and summer holiday periods, with ongoing servicing throughout the year if needed.
  • Service and repair inventory created for the school/program and maintained for reference.
  • Minor repair works on-site is available for workshops, camps and special events.
  • Free pick up and drop off for final end of year bulk servicing over the summer holiday period.
  • 3 month service warranty for bulk school services.


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